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The structural shape of the flange

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  According to the shape of the joint can be divided into the following:

  1) Smooth type: stainless steel valves for low pressure. Processing more convenient

  2) concave and convex type: the work pressure is high, can be used in the hard washer

  3) tongue and groove: available plastic deformation of the larger gasket, corrosive media in the use of a wider, better sealing effect.

  4) trapezoidal groove: oval metal ring for the gasket, used in the working pressure ≥ 64 kg / square centimeter of the valve, or high temperature valve.

  5) Lens type: washer is a lens shape, made of metal. For working pressure ≥ 100 kg / square centimeter of high pressure valves, or high temperature valves.

  6) O-ring: This is a relatively new form of butt welding flange connection,JIS Ks 304 Weld Neck Stainless Steel Forged Flange with the emergence of a variety of rubber O-ring, and developed.

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