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Corrosion resistant stainless steel cap

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  Acid-resistant stainless steel referred to as stainless steel, which is composed two parts of stainless steel and acid-resistant steel. In short, the steel that can resist atmospheric corrosion is called stainless steel, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of steel called acid-resistant steel. In general, the volume of WCr containing more than 12% of the steel has a stainless steel on the characteristics of stainless steel by heat treatment after the microstructure can be divided into five categories: ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, Austenitic - ferritic stainless steel and ANSI Seamless Pipe Fitting Stainless Steel Cap.

  We are mainly engaged in various ultra long or thin, ultra-thick and large diameter seamless stainless steel pipe fittings, the company is located in Cangzhou City hebei province China. Our products are mainly used in petrochemical engineering, bio-engineering, heat exchangers, marine piping, machinery manufacturing industries such as roller axis

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