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Application of stainless steel reducer

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  Eccentric reducer as special pipe for corrosive liquid, can prolong the service life of the eccentric head, used especially for downhole eccentric water regulator shell, because there is no weld, not corrosion cracking in weld; flexible production process, eccentric reducer can process arbitrary diameter, eccentric straight sections of arbitrary the length of the eccentric head size different connecting tubes are different industries. In electric power, mining, metallurgy, material transfer, output, is used in short distance, high pressure transmission pipeline, under considerable pressure, and subjected to serious wear, pipeline single material is difficult to meet the conditions, especially the elbow, the size of ASTM Bw Stainless Steel Reducer, due to the use of safety and service life, focus on improving the pipe lining toughness, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the overall strength of the pipe and reducer should be considered.

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