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Polishing process of stainless steel cap

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  In the polishing with polishing wheel hard after surface rough polishing for further processing, it can remove the scratches left rough polishing, produce a smooth shiny surface to medium. The roughness of the surface is between zero and several microns.

  Rough casting is done by grinding, polishing or grinding the surface of the hard wheel head, so coarse polishing is also known as grinding or polishing. It is mainly used to remove the burr, surface scratches, traces of rust, oxide skin, blisters, bubbles, overip, welding slag and various macroscopic defects, in order to improve the surface roughness and lower surface roughness.

  Polishing is the last process of polishing the Butt Welding Wpb Sch40 Stainless Steel Caps. It is a method of processing the surface of the parts with the soft wheel coated with polishing paste. Because it is on a relatively smooth surface, it can further reduce the roughness of the surface to achieve the purpose of micro leveling, so it can get a very bright surface, and when the head is polished, there is no obvious wear on the substrate. The surface roughness can reach about 0.01 mu m, and it can really reach the mirror light and bright.

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