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Technology Formation Mode of Stainless Steel Cross

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  Stainless steel cross are pipe fittings and pipe connectors. Also known as Stainless steel cross pipe fittings or Stainless Steel Cross pipe fittings, Stainless steel cross joints, used in the main pipeline branch.

  Stainless steel cross has equal diameter and different diameter. The nozzle ends of stainless steel cross with equal diameter are the same size. The nozzle size of stainless steel cross with different diameter is the same, while the nozzle size of branch is smaller than the nozzle size of the main. NPT Thread Stainless Steel Cross is a kind of pipe fittings used at the branch of pipeline.

  For the seamless pipe Stainless steel cross, there are two kinds of technology commonly used at present: hydraulic bulging and hot pressing. Stainless steel cross hydraulic bulging is a forming process of expanding branch pipe by axial compensation of metal material. The hot-pressing Stainless steel cross has wide adaptability to materials and is suitable for low carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, especially for the Stainless steel cross with large diameter and thick pipe wall.

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