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What the small deformation energy of stainless steel cross?

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  The protection method of stainless steel cross protector is to connect the metal with lower electrode potential to the protected metal to form a primary battery. The metal with lower electrode potential is dissolved as an anode, and the protected metal is used as a cathode to avoid corrosion.

  High Pressure 2000lb 4 Inch Stainless Steel Cross have low deformation energy in low temperature environment. Stainless steel cross in low temperature environment, the phenomenon of lower elongation and section shortening rate is called low temperature embrittlement. Stainless steel cross most of them occur in the body-centered cubic structure of ferrite system.

  Stainless steel cross can make the pipeline turn at a certain angle. In the pipeline system, stainless steel cross is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipeline. Among all the pipe fittings used in the pipeline system, the proportion is the largest. Under normal circumstances, stainless steel cross with different materials or wall thickness are selected by different forming processes.

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