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What Is The Difference between pipe cap and pipe head?

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  The shape of the pipe cap is similar to that of the head, the material is more stainless steel, the size of the pipe cap is smaller, and it can be forged; the size of the head is larger, which is usually pressed by steel plate, the pipe cap is generally used for the end of the pipe, and the head is used for the upper and lower (vertical equipment) parts of the vessel equipment or the left and right end (horizontal equipment). Convex cap includes: hemispherical cap, elliptical cap, dished cap and spherical cap. From the stress point of view, the hemispherical cap is not good gradually, but from the manufacturing difficulty, it is good gradually.

  Generally speaking, the head is the inner diameter. For example, if it is 1m, it means that the inner diameter pipe cap has no requirements for the transition part (unlike the standard ellipse). Generally, only the diameter and length can be found in the manual, and the straight side part is longer. The pipe cap is only the plug of the pipe. If the DN is more than 300, the head shall be used instead. If the pressure is under pressure, the strength shall be checked. Socket Welding Fitting Stainless Steel Cap are used in water, beverage, beer, food, petrochemical, nuclear power, machinery, medical equipment, chemical fertilizer, shipbuilding, water-proof treatment, pipeline and other packaging: wooden case, carton service: provide technical consultation, installation guidance and other dish shaped pipe caps to avoid splicing, which will reduce thickness and high stress.


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