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Stainless Steel Reducers should have high strength and stress resistance

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  Stainless steel special-shaped pipe I. stainless steel pipe is used for oil drill. Since the 1990s, the production capacity of oil well pipe has been increasing year by year, the export volume is larger than the import volume, and the self-sufficiency rate has reached more than 90%. With the development of petroleum industry, more and more strict technical requirements are put forward for the oil well pipe. The technical development trend of oil well pipe is the use of high performance and new materials.

    2. Stainless steel tubes for thermal power boilers. With the improvement of high pressure requirements, the demand for tp347hfc, Super304H (1cr18ni-9cu3n), tp310hcbn (1cr25ni20nbn) and other boiler pipes in power station will increase. At present, all these stainless steel pipes rely on imported stainless steel special-shaped pipes.

  3. heat resistant stainless steel pipe for "three chemical" industry.   heat resistant stainless steel pipe is mainly used for heat exchange and fluid transportation in the "three chemical" industry, with the largest market capacity and annual market demand of about 160000 tons. Users have very high and strict requirements for ASTM Bw Stainless Steel Reducer, and they mainly rely on imports at present. The potential market is the large-diameter oil cracking furnace pipe and low-temperature delivery pipe. Because of its special requirements of heat and corrosion resistance and inconvenient installation and maintenance of equipment, the long service life of the equipment is required, and the mechanical properties and service properties of the pipe need to be optimized through material composition control and special heat treatment.

    4, two-phase (fluid, heat exchanger) stainless steel pipe.   duplex stainless steel is mainly used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer and other industries, with the main characteristics of stress corrosion resistance and service temperature lower than 350 ℃. Because of its high strength, stress resistance, corrosion resistance and economy, the market consumption of heat exchanger and fluid pipe is growing rapidly.

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