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What should be paid attention to in the production of stainless steel reducer

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  ① burn in the production process of special-shaped pipe, the construction personnel are likely to touch with slag, molten steel and blue flame, which is very dangerous. Especially in the case of lack of modernization and more manual work, such as slag discharge, feeding, opening the tap and gravity casting steel casting, it is easy to burn. The most reasonable way to avoid burns is to carry out modern use and improve personal protection at the same time.

  ② gas tank explosion and liquid steel explosion are likely to occur in the production of special-shaped combustion supporting tubes. When adding materials, it is strictly forbidden to wet the materials, and pay attention to whether there is any in the materials. The gas pipeline shall be under normal pressure, the steel tank for steel water shall be dried, and the road surface shall be free of water or excessive humidity.

  ③ there is a strong radiant heat at the temperature of 1700c in the furnace of high-temperature radiation special-shaped tube, while the hot slag, molten steel and steel castings in the production workshop can release a lot of heat. In order to avoid the injury of high temperature and radiant heat to the construction personnel, all kinds of temperature isolating equipment should be set up, and the air furnace mouth can use the water-cooled mouth. The production workshop shall be equipped with portable stone wool hot-dip galvanized sheet, which can be used to block the surrounding of the cab from the heat source when mechanical feeding. In order to achieve the purpose of indoor cooling, the industrial air-conditioner can be installed indoors. The production workshop shall be equipped with all-round air circulation mechanism. It is better to send the air flow to the exposed parts of steelworkers or blow water mist from both sides of the front of the furnace. In addition, thermal insulation work uniforms and salty drinks shall be provided for construction personnel, half body showers and good rest time occasions shall be set, and air conditioner work rest areas shall be set as far as possible.

  ④ carbon oxide because about 30% of carbon monoxide in the gas, it is likely to cause gas poisoning in the regenerator, riser, direction changing device, gas producer and gas pipeline if the protection is not improved. The way to prevent poisoning is to ensure the tightness of gas equipment, install alarm, improve the all-round air circulation of the organization and comply with the operating procedures, often equipped with carbon monoxide gas mask, etc.

  ⑤ during the production of ASTM Bw Stainless Steel Reducer by infrared induction, the workers should often check the temperature control situation. Their eyes are dazzled by the bright light at the furnace window. At the same time, they are likely to have occupational glaucoma due to the long-term infrared effect. Therefore, the construction personnel should be equipped with blue or green glass anti blue glasses.

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