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How to do a good job in rust removal of stainless steel tee?

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  Stainless steel tee plays a very important role in the pipeline, but the stainless steel tee will inevitably rust due to its long service time. After rust, it will not only damage the pipeline, but also cause leakage and serious problems. The economic loss is large, so the stainless steel tee should pay attention to rust prevention.

    paying attention to the anti-corrosion of stainless steel tee can also prolong its service life. However, the anti-corrosion practice of stainless steel tee in different areas is not the same. In the south of China, the air is humid, which is hydrogen evolution corrosion in chemistry. Water is one of the substances that make iron rust easily, only when the oxygen in the air dissolves.

  In water, oxygen reacts with iron in the water environment to produce something called iron oxide, which is rust. Rust is a brownish red substance. It's not as hard as iron. It's easy to fall. When a piece of iron is completely rusted, its volume can expand 8 times. If the rust is not removed, the sponge rust is particularly easy to absorb water, which will accelerate the corrosion of the stainless steel elbow. Therefore, when stainless steel tee is used in humid areas, heavy anti-corrosion must be adopted.

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