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Definition of miter elbow

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  1. Definition of miter elbow. Mitre elbow is welded by many straight pipes that cut by a certain degrees on both end ( The end pipe only one side cut). The quantity of  the pipes is depend on the customers request. The bending radius is not like the induction elbows. The bending radius of the Mitre elbow is different.

  2. Application of miter elbow

  The miter makes up the blank for the large size elbows. It is widely used in the huge fluid water and wind pipe system. The pressure should be not high on the miter elbows.

  3. The character of steel miter elbows

  The miter elbows can only bear low pressure. Normally the size of the miter elbows is very huge. The miter elbows have a reducing radius. The radius of the miter elbows is the vertical length. That is to say  the line from the centre of the circle to the cut pipes. The line is perpendicular to the separate pipes.

  4. The standard of Miter elbows

  The miter elbows’ standard there have GB, ANSI, etc.

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