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316L WNRF Flange 150LB 16 Inch

PIC-(316L WNRF Flange 150LB 16 Inch)


  316L RTJ Weld Neck Flange

  1. Material: Stainless Steel 316L, etc2. Size: 16"

  3. Standard: ANSI, etc

  4. Pressure: 150#, 300#, 600#, etc

  316L WNRF Flange has a long tapered hub and are often used for high pressure applications. When ordering a weld neck flange, it is important to specify the schedule pipe is being used for. This is because the inside diameter of the flange will match the inside diameter of your pipe. The buttweld joint this flange has with the pipe along with the tapered hub, makes this flange very resistant to dishing and a very sturdy connection.

  Weld neck flange is a type of pipe flange that incorporates a cast-in neck that is welded to the pipe. Unlike a plain flange that is slipped over the pipe prior to being welded into place, a weld neck flange has a spout-like neck that is beveled to match up to the pipe. Once the pipe is beveled to match the weld neck flange, a perfect V shape is created in which a butt weld is placed to connect the two components.