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A qualified salesman’s qualities(1)

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  A qualified salesman’s qualities

  One, A balanced and positive attitude

  Attitude decides everything, the attitude is a state of mind, whatever you do, the balance of mind can let you face up to the difficulties you meet and get the harvest, let you always keep a sober, not as hard will keep you stuck in a certain place, also won't be short of dizzy with success; positive attitude is a person to must be improved and positive attitude is a magic weapon to overcome inertia, is to guarantee;

  Two, product knowledge

  This needless to say, a person to sell what they do not know, do you think he can do a good salesman? For example, some fast moving consumer goods salesman, not only need to know what to sell, what is useful, but also as far as possible to understand the detailed understanding of how these products are produced!

  Three, basic business knowledge and business skills

  Basic business knowledge is necessary, such as simple financial knowledge, knowledge of accounting and related commercial legal knowledge and so on; of course, would like to be a good salesman, you must strictly in accordance with company specific business system to carry out business, we must to understanding of the company's business system thoroughly, true master of business system operation rules, and can combined with his experience in the market, in the system to allow the operating rules to expand to fit market rules;

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