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Advantages of stainless steel tee

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Stainless steel tee is an important connector for pipe fittings and pipes. It is used at the branch pipe of the main pipe, which can reduce the connection port.
Stainless steel tee can be divided into equal diameter and reducing diameter. The size of the main pipe and nozzle end of equal diameter tee is the same, the size of the main pipe and nozzle of different diameter tee is the same, and the nozzle size of branch pipe is smaller than that of the main pipe.
The stainless steel tee has bright appearance and smooth inner wall, which makes the tap water unobstructed in the pipeline, has fast water flow speed and no erosion, and avoids the secondary pollution to the water source.
Stainless steel tee has the excellent characteristics of high strength, good ductility and strong sanitary performance. With these advantages, stainless steel tee is widely used in indoor and outdoor building water supply, compressed gas pipeline in plant equipment, petrochemical and other fields.
According to the appearance, the stainless steel tee can be divided into T-type and Y-type. The T-type tee is a right angle bend diversion, while the Y-type tee is to divide the two pipelines into one pipeline. Therefore, the fluid resistance of the Y-type tee is relatively small compared with the T-type tee. In the field with strict requirements on flow rate, the Y-type tee can be used to ensure the smooth flow of water.

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