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How many types of steel reducer and reducer?

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Stainless steel reducer: also known as reducer, reducer straight, reducer short, commonly known as steel butt welding reducer. It is a kind of steel butt welding pipe parts, which is used for the connection between two pipes with different diameters and plays the role of transition between the welding of large and small diameter pipes. It is divided into concentric reducer and eccentric reducer.
Classification of shapes of reducer
(1) Concentric reducer, the reducer whose center is in a straight line is called concentric reducer.
(2) Eccentric reducer refers to the reducer whose center is not on the same straight line. Its function is to stick to the wall or the ground to walk the pipeline without occupying space, and to connect two pipes with different diameters to change the flow.
(3) Clamp type large and small heads are mostly used for fast clamp connection of large and small heads, which are suitable for medium and low pressure pipelines in fire and water conservancy.
(4) Thread (screw thread) big and small ends are divided into three types: inner thread big and small ends, outer thread big and small ends or inner and outer threads.
(5) Socket reducer: generally forged and forged high-pressure thick wall reducer.
(6) Grooved reducer: mostly used for grooved connection reducer of fire pipeline.

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