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Bends radius

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  Bends radius

  1. The definition of bend radius. Bend radius means the distance from the center of the pipes to he circle center. The bends radius in the international standard there is no very detailed description. But have the long radius and short radius details.

  2. Standard of GB and ANSI. In GB 12459, we counted the bending radius base on DN. For example 8 inches DN200 5D 90 degree bends. The bending radius is DN200*5 that is 1000mm. The international standard ANSI B16.9 the long radius is counted by inch*1.5*25.4mm, So according to this rule the same 8 inches DN200 90 degree bends the bending radius length is 8*5*25.4mm that is 1016mm.

  3. Some clients’ understanding. There also have clients consider the D should be the outside diameter. So the 8 inches DN200 5D bends is 219.1*5 that is 1095.5mm.

  4. The bending machine. The bending machine can bend the min radius 3D. there is no Max. The bending radius and bending angle is controlled by computer. So no mater how much the radius will be, as the factory he can input the length according to the clients requested.

  5. If your order is serious. Please confirm with the factory how much the radius will be.

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