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Carbon steel Tee is a kind of pipe fittings

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  Carbon steel Tee is a kind of pipe fittings. Generally speaking, there have two types, Equal tee and reducing  tee. Equal  tee means the branch size is the same as the main pipe sizes. Reducing Tee means the main pipe sizes is no change the branch size is different. No matter equal tee or reducing tee, there also have two types. That is type Y and type y.

  According to the material, the tee can be divided into carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and PVC etc.

  In China the seamless standard is GB/T 12459-2005, the international standard is ANSI B16.9. The material of carbon steel there have 20#, the international material is ASTM A234 WPB.

  The sizes that over 24 inches can be made by steel plate. The standard will following GB/T 13401-2005

  Hebei Shengtian Pipe Fitting Group Co.,Ltd is mainly produce pipe fittings, such as 2inch SS316/L Reducing Tee and stainless steel tee. Our bending machine can produce the bends, the diameter can up to 60 inches.  Welcome you to visit our factory and pursue common development.

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