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Type Y Tee

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  Type Y Tee also named as lateral tee or side outlet tee. The shape  there have two kinds. One is “Y “ and another is “ y”. It is a kind of irregular pipe fitting connection in the pipe line system. Because of irregularity, so the type y Tees normally is made on spot. The tee made by butt welded technology.

  The difference between equal tee and  the lateral tee. When the usage of the 90 degree tees in the pipe system, the fluid go through the tee will bear a little bigger resistance. So there may have turbulence flow resistance. It will waste more energy. The Type Y tee let the angle of  branch pipe and main pipe be a acute angle. This design angle normally is 30 to 60 degrees. So this kind of tee, not only reduced the resistance also not allow the turbulence flow happen. It is stable pipe fittings and saving more energy.

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