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The use of stainless steel cap

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  Pipe fittings that are welded at the end of the pipe or mounted on the end of the pipe to cover the pipe. It is used to seal the pipe, and the function is the same as the plug.

  The stainless steel cap includes the design of convex cap, cone shell, reducer, flat cover and tight mouth.

  When stitching, the direction of the weld is only allowed to be radial and circumferential. After the large 1/8" DIN2999 Stainless Steel Cap may cancel this request. The distance of the splicing should be required to be greater than 3 Delta, and not less than 100mm (the heat affected zone of the welding is a high stress zone, and the chemical composition in this area will be burned. " So we should avoid the high stress zone, which is related to the thickness. According to practical experience, the stress attenuation length is greater than 3 Delta, and not less than 100mm). But it is very difficult to meet the requirements of the refrigeration equipment, and it has its particularity.

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