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The characteristics of the Pipe fitting stainless steel reducer

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  Pipe fitting stainless steel reducer is used for pipe diameter changes in a fitting, usually adopted for reducing the forming process of pressing, expanding to suppress or reducing and expanding, to certain specifications of the reducer and stamping can be applied.

  Eccentric reducer besides using steel as raw material to produce reducer, reducer can also be used on some specifications steel plate stamping forming technology is adopted to improve the production. Drawing die shapes used by reference to reducing tube surface size design, use after blanking punching die, stamping steel. Stretch forming eccentric reducer is made of carbon steel, the said method is multiplied by the thickness of big diameter multiplied by the little head diameter.

  Pipe fitting stainless steel reducer will be equal and reducer big end diameter of tube rounds into the forming mould, pass along the axial direction of tube billet, shrink along the cavity movement and metal forming. According to the size of the reducer reducer, divided into the one of pressing or more press forming.

  Pipe and fitting stainless steel reducer is characterized by carbon intensity is significantly higher than the same amount of carbon steel, has good toughness and plasticity, good weldability and corrosion resistance, etc., when the fluid flow in pipes have change, such as increasing or decreasing, velocity when you haven't changed much, all needs to use reducer.

  2. In the inlet of the pump, the reducer should be used to prevent cavitation.

  3. With the instrument, such as the flow meter and the regulating valve, in order to cooperate with the instrument, the reducer should also be used.

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