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Installation of Stainless Steel Tees

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  To ensure that the Stainless Steel Tees is not leaking oil, the placement requirements and detailed problems are as follows:

  Stainless Steel Tees is manipulated according to the normal style and principle in the actual manipulation to ensure the quality and price type in the manipulation, and operate and install according to the normal control standard. No quality and functional problems have occurred. 316 Equal Stainless Steel Tee is not a simple mechanical component in any sense, but an internal mechanical product carrier that has collected abundant technology.

  (1) Stainless Steel Tees should have sufficient strength and no deformation during fastening. The flange sealing surface should be smooth and clean, resettlement to seriously liquidate oil and rust.

  (2) the gasket should have delicate oil and anti-aging function and good elasticity and mechanical strength. Resettlement shall be made according to the shape of the adjacent section, and the gaskets with different cross sections and dimensions shall be selected and settled.

  (3) Stainless Steel Tees fastening stress average system, pad compression should be controlled in 1/3 left.

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