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Three forming processes of pipe elbow

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  The forming process of hot push pipe elbow is a process of selecting special pipe elbow pusher, mandrel and heating equipment to make the blank on the die move forward under the push of the pusher, heating, expanding and zigzag forming in the movement.

  Stamping pipe elbow is the first forming technology used in batch production of seamless pipe elbow. Now, it has been replaced by hot push method or other forming technology in common standard elbow production, but in some standard pipe elbows, due to the small production quantity, the wall thickness is too thick or too thin.

  Compared with the hot push process, the appearance quality of stamping is not as good as the former; When forming, the outer arc of the pipe elbow is in the stretching state, and there is no residual metal in other parts to compensate, so the wall thickness at the outer arc is about 10% thinner. But because it is suitable for single piece production and low cost, the stamping pipe elbow process is mostly used for the production of small batch and thick wall pipe elbow.

  Stamping pipe elbow is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping. Usually, cold stamping or hot stamping can be selected according to the nature of data and equipment.

  The pipe elbow made by cold kneading process of inner and outer die has beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness and small scale error. Therefore, the stainless steel elbow, especially the thin-walled stainless steel elbow, is made by this process. The precision of the inner and outer die used in this process is required to be high; The requirement of wall thickness error of tube blank is also strict.

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