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Manufacturing method of stainless steel reducer

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Stainless steel reducer (large and small end) is a kind of pipe fitting used at the reducing part of pipeline. The commonly used forming process is reduced diameter pressing, expanded diameter pressing or reduced diameter plus expanded diameter pressing. Stamping can also be used for reducing pipes of some specifications.
The reducing forming process of reducing pipe is to put the pipe blank with the same diameter as the large end of reducing pipe into the forming die, and press along the axial direction of the pipe blank to make the metal move and shrink along the die cavity.
According to the size of reducing pipe, it can be divided into one-time pressing forming or multiple pressing forming.
Expanding forming is to expand the diameter of the tube blank along the inner diameter of the tube blank with an internal die.
The expanding process mainly solves the problem that the reducer with large diameter change is not easy to form through reducing. Sometimes, the expanding and reducing methods are combined according to the forming needs of materials and products.
In the process of reducing or expanding deformation pressing, cold pressing or hot pressing is determined according to different materials and reducing conditions.
In general, cold pressing shall be adopted as far as possible, but hot pressing shall be adopted for severe work hardening caused by multiple diameter changes, thick wall thickness or alloy steel materials.
Stamping forming
In addition to using steel pipes as raw materials to produce reducers, reducers of some specifications can also be produced by stamping process with steel plates.
The shape of the die used for drawing refers to the size design of the inner surface of the reducer, and the blanking steel plate is stamped and stretched by the die.

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