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Manufacturing process of Stainless Steel Tees

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  Stainless Steel Tees is on the intersecting line between the head and the branch pipe. The shape and position of the welded joint are more complex than the butt welds, and the weld quality is not easily controlled. According to statistics, the leakage rate of this kind of weld accounts for 80% of the leakage rate of all processes, the main defects are the non penetration, the air hole, the slag and so on.

  The intersection of weld line, the current is mainly formed by manual cutting or plasma cutting, the machining accuracy is not high, the groove angle is small, the improper selection of Stainless Steel Tees, resulting in lack of penetration. Another major reason for 3000 Lb High Pressure Pipe Fitting Stainless Steel Tee is the process of material, the wrong branch outside export processing groove, welding pipe directly in charge on the lap. The strength of the weld is reduced if the weld is not penetrated. For the pipeline conveying corrosive medium, the heat affected zone of the weld will be thinned with the increase of the production cycle, resulting in the leakage of the weld. The cause of gas hole and slag inclusion is that the oil, rust, water and other impurities in the groove before and in the vicinity of the welding are not cleaned, and the skin of the traditional Chinese medicine is not cleaned in the welding process. In addition, the welding speed is too fast and the welding current is too small, which speeds up the cooling rate of the weld.

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