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Important role of pipe cap

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  Pipe cap is the end cover of pressure vessel, which is a main pressure bearing part of pressure vessel. The function is sealing. One is to make the upper and lower bottom of the tank pressure vessel; the other is to seal the pipe by welding with a pipe cap when the pipe ends and is not ready to extend forward. The matching pipe fittings include pressure vessel, pipe, flange, elbow, tee, cross and other products.

  The quality of pipe cap is directly related to the long-term safe and reliable operation of pressure vessel.

  The pipe cap is the end cover of the pressure vessel, which is a pressure bearing part, mainly used to bear the pressure of the vessel. It can not only enhance the tightness of the container, but also improve the pressure resistance of the container, so the application of the pipe cap will continue to increase. The structure of the pipe cap is very simple and the size is relatively small, but it plays a great role. It is used in some food processing places or petrochemical industry. It can provide convenient conditions for the design and production of pressure vessels and other equipment, and improve the overall use and use effect of containers.

  In the process of forging pipe cap, the requirement of temperature is very high. The accuracy of materials forged at different temperatures is different, and the materials produced are different with different processes. In order to get high dimensional precision forging, it needs to be forged at high temperature, which can reach about 1000 ℃ for heating.

  Pipe cap is an indispensable part of pressure vessel equipment in petrochemical, food and many other industries.

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