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What is the detection method for the Stainless Steel Elbows after corrosion?

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  Elbow can produce corrosion phenomenon in the incorrect use of welding bending hair after corrosion, usually wall elbow thinning of the local pits and pock. The detection method of the elbow after corrosion: the basic principle of leakage flux detection is based on the basic characteristics of the high permeability of the ferromagnetic material.

  Magnetic permeability at elbow corrosion defects is smaller than the elbow, elbow in the external magnetic field is magnetized, when no defect in elbow, mostly by steel pipe lines, the magnetic field distribution is uniform; when the elbow internal defects, magnetic bent, and a part of the surface of magnetic flux leakage leakage of pipe. Detecting the leakage flux that is escaping from the surface of the magnetized elbow can determine whether the defect exists. Ultrasonic ultrasonic detection method uses the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection to measure the thickness of tube wall corrosion. The technology is shaped by self propagating centrifugal casting. It mainly uses material self chemical reaction, high temperature generated by exothermic combustion, and the technology of synthesizing new substances in the process of combustion wave propagation.

  When the probe detection pulse to the vertical 304 ANSI B16.9 Butt Welded Stainless Steel 90 Degree Elbow wall emits ultrasound, first to receive the probe pulse reflected by the wall surface, then the ultrasonic probe will receive a reflection from the outer surface of the pipe wall of the pulse, pulse and internal surface reflection pulse spacing distance between the reflecting wall thickness. Bending and bending: it means that the pipe is made into butt welded elbow. Generally, it refers to the metal pipe and electric PVC threading pipe for water and electricity. The elbow for stewing and welding is mostly: the metal butt welding elbow of the multi finger water supply and drainage specialty, and the small diameter butt welded elbow can be obtained by bending.

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