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Selection of stainless steel reducer

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  Stainless steel reducer is a tool for connecting pipes of different sizes. According to the center line, stainless steel reducer can be divided into eccentric stainless steel reducer and concentric stainless steel reducer. When setting stainless steel reducer, the projection of the two ports is concentric circle, that is, concentric stainless steel reducer. Eccentric stainless steel reducer is called eccentric because the two centers do not coincide, But in a straight line. These two different stainless steel reducers are also suitable for different ranges.

  Concentric stainless steel reducers are used for vertical pipes and eccentric stainless steel reducers are used for horizontal pipes. When in use, it is necessary to indicate bottom level or top level. When the flow of liquid in the pipeline changes, the flow requirement is not too large when using stainless steel reducer. Especially in the installation of the pump inlet reducer, in order to prevent gas from accumulating at the reducer and avoid cavitation caused by errors in the installation process, the horizontal inlet pipe of the pump adopts eccentric stainless steel reducer to prevent cavitation. Therefore, the eccentric stainless steel reducer is used when the horizontal inlet pipe of the pump is reduced, so as to cooperate well with the joints of control valve, flowmeter and other instruments. When the pipeline enters the pump horizontally from top to bottom, the stainless steel reducer shall be flat at the bottom.

  Stainless steel reducer is widely used, and many industries are inseparable from it. The forming process of surfacing elbow used in pipeline system is very complex, such as natural gas, hydropower, construction, oil, boiler, etc. it needs to be welded according to different materials and uses, and cast under certain pressure.

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