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Steel pipe fitting Tee Production-Hydraulic molding

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  Steel pipe fitting Tee Production

  Hydraulic molding

  Tee hydraulic forming is through the metal material of axial compensation bulge out branch pipe of a forming process. The process is to use special hydraulic press machine, using pressing machine to inject the liquid, through the two horizontal side of the hydraulic cylinder synchronization of the motion of tube, the pipes after squeezed smaller volume, smaller volume of liquid with the tube inside, when pressure tee branch pipe bulge out to the metal material in the liquid in the cylinder and the pipe pressure under the dual role of flow along the mold cavity and the branch pipe.

  T hydraulic pressure molding process can be a forming, high production efficiency; The 3-way head and shoulders wall thickness were increased.

  For seamless tee hydraulic molding process equipment needed for the tonnage is larger, the current domestic is mainly used for less than the standard wall thickness of DN400 tee.

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