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Introduction of Stainless Steel Flange process

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  Stainless steel flange, which are used to connect pipes. It can be divided as threaded flanges and welding flanges.There is also a strip along winding made of spiral wound gasket with a thin strip of asbestos. Common rubber gasket suitable for temperatures below 120 ℃ of occasions; asbestos rubber gasket suitable for steam temperature is lower than 450 ℃, the temperature of the oil is lower than 350 ℃, a pressure less than 5MPa occasion, general corrosion medium, most commonly used acid asbestos. In the high-pressure equipment and piping, copper, aluminum, steel on the 10th, the lens type or other shaped metal gasket made of stainless steel. Contact width high pressure gasket sealing surface is very narrow (line contact), the gasket sealing surface and high finish machining.

  Forged 316 Weld Neck Stainless Steel Flange, high and low pressure large diameter are using welding flange thickness and bolt diameter and number of connecting different pressures flange is different.

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