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Blind Flange connection method

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  Blind Flange connection control performance characteristics?

  Blind Flange connection method with the simplest connection methods between cast iron pipe and steel pipe. While the Blind Flange can be used to check the mouth open. In addition, the Blind Flange connection is suitable for the diameter from phi 50-315 - mm pipe connection. Its characteristics: non rigid connection, can tear open outfit, tensile resistance. Blind Flange connection method is used on low pressure pipeline detachable fittings.

  Commonly used on the pipeline, in that case, loose bolts can rotate on both sides of the pipe, then tighten can convenient dismantling the pipe material is carbon steel flange is called carbon steel flange, Blind Flange is two large diameter pipe connection device, usually two flange and number of the bolt. Carbon steel flange is made of carbon steel flange. Low carbon steel and plastic good strength is low, after adding suitable amount of carbon becomes hard, plastic lower strength enhancement. Flange connection may need to bear very high tensile, compression, torsion, shear strength, Blind Flange is a good choice.

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