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Do You Know The Stainless Steel Tees Structure?

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  The metal tee has a main pipe and a branch pipe which is perpendicular to the main pipe on one side of the main pipe and connected with the main pipe. A valve is arranged at the corner where the direction of the main pipe outlet meets the direction of the branch pipe outlet. A circular valve piece is arranged on the valve, and the valve piece is closed in the pipe cavity.

  Tee - Standard

  The structure is sealed with the inner wall of the tube cavity. The utility model simplifies the pipeline setting, saves the consumption of pipeline parts, facilitates the operation, and is convenient for the pipeline shunt maintenance and the phased supply of each branch. The utility model not only has the function of traditional three-way pipe, but also plays the role of double position valve, that is, one of the output of main ANSI B 16.5threaded Stainless Steel Tee and branch pipe can be arbitrarily selected as closed and the other as smooth working state; the utility model can also arbitrarily adjust the flow ratio of the output of main pipe and branch pipe, which can be realized only by adjusting the angle of valve piece in the pipe cavity.

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