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Introduction of Stainless Steel Flange

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  Flange is a disk-shaped parts, the most common in the pipeline project, flanges are paired and the mating flange on the valve used. In the pipeline project, flanges used to connect pipes. The need to connect pipes, various mounting Factory direct sale precision stainless steel flange with high quality, low-pressure pipe can be used silk flange, the use of four kilograms or more pressure welding flanges. Between the two flange gaskets, then bolted. Different pressures flange have different thickness and different use of bolts.

  A gasket capable of plastic deformation, and has a certain strength of the ring material. Most non-metallic gaskets are cut from the plate down, according to the factory or by a professional sized, the material is asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos, polyethylene panels; also useful for sheet metal (tin, stainless steel) asbestos other non-metallic materials wrapped package gasket made of metal;

  Low voltage small diameter wire flange, high and low pressure large diameter are using welding flange thickness and bolt diameter and number of connecting different pressures flange is different.

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