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How to solve the corrosion of stainless steel elbow

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  After Stainless Steel Elbows corrosion occurs, usually the performance of the Stainless Steel Elbows pipe wall thinning, there are some pits. The detection method for the butt-welded elbow after corrosion is magnetic detection.

  Stainless Steel Elbows corrosion defects in the magnetic permeability is much less than the welder of the permeability, the welding elbow in the external magnetic field is magnetized, when the welding elbow in the absence of defects, the magnetic field lines through the vast majority The magnetic field lines are evenly distributed. When there is a defect inside 24 inch stainless steel 90 degree elbow, the magnetic force lines are bent, and a part of the magnetic force lines leak out the surface of the steel pipe. Detection of the surface of the magnetized Stainless Steel Elbows leakage flux leakage, we can determine whether the existence of defects.

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