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Standard for stainless steel elbows

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  Elbow is one of pipe fittings and stainless steel is one of pipe fittings materials. Therefore, the standard of pipe fittings generally includes the content of stainless steel elbow, which can be solved by consulting the pipe fittings standard. Because ASTM A234 WPB 90 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow are seamless, welded, forged and so on in the manufacture of pipe fittings, butt welding, socket welding, threaded connection and so on when pipe fittings are connected with pipelines, different standards should be consulted according to different needs. For example, China's national Stainless Steel Elbows standards GB12459 "steel butt welded seamless pipe fittings", GB/T14383 "forged steel socket welded pipe fittings", GB/T14626 "forged steel threaded pipe fittings", GB/T13401 steel butt welded pipe fittings, etc. In addition, there are Sinopec Stainless Steel Elbows standard SH3408, SH3409, SH3410; Stainless Steel Elbows chemical standard HGJ528, HGJ10; Stainless Steel Elbows Sinopec standard SY/T0510 and other pipe fittings industry standards. The pipelines imported from abroad also use American Stainless Steel Elbows standards such as ASME/ANSI B16.9, ASME/ANSI B16.11, ASME B16.28, MSS SP-43, Japanese Stainless Steel Elbows standards JIS B2311, JIS B2312, JIS B2313, JIS B2316, German Stainless Steel Elbows standards DIN 2605, etc.

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