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Technical analysis of the use of stainless steel reducer

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  Under the action of internal pressure reducer concentric different diameter pipe size of the pressure difference caused by the big relatively open, small relative contraction of the phenomenon; is a research, exploration, design, manufacture and operation of  pneumatic valve welded elbow, stainless steel reducers, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel flange tee pipe fittings "bathroom accessories professional production enterprises.Manufacture 304 Stainless Steel Reducer over the years, always adhere to the quality of the credibility of survival, and development of technology products, and high quality new products continuously improve R & D, special valve industry veteran, new product technical elite Xi'an High Pressure Valve Factory retired senior engineer Duan Farui as the representative of the research and development of a variety of structural types, maintain leading technology and high reputation in the market. After more than 10 years of persistent efforts and courage to open up, has now become the leader of the industry.

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