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Do You Really Understand The Difference Between Elbow And Elbow

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The most basic difference between elbow and elbow is elbow and elbow with the same diameter. Compared with elbow, elbow is longer. If R is higher than 2 times, it is elbow, and if r = 1 to 2 times, it belongs to elbow. In the manufacturing process of elbow, cold bending elbow can be made of pipe, which can be directly bent by pipe bending machine, and elbow can be produced at one time, Moreover, there is no need for secondary anti-corrosion, but the elbow should be customized by the manufacturer, anti-corrosion should be done, and the ordering cycle is long.
Galvanized elbow is bent by a complete set of bending dies. No matter what kind of machinery and equipment, most of them use elbow, which is mainly used for oil, gas and infusion. It plays a very important role in aircraft and its engine.
The price of elbow is lower than that of elbow, but the cost performance is much lower than that of elbow. If the elbow is not treated with anti-corrosion treatment, it is easy to be damaged. As we all know, I won't say, but it is widely used in some projects with low requirements because of its low price.
The elbow shall be customized by the manufacturer, anti-corrosion and long order cycle. Large diameter elbow is a professional company with large diameter spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe, large diameter longitudinal submerged arc welded steel pipe, HFW longitudinal welded steel pipe, hot bend, large pipe fittings, internal and external anti-corrosion of steel pipe as its main business. It has reached the level of "domestic leading and international first-class" in the field of R & D and manufacturing of oil and gas transmission steel pipe.
The cold bend can be directly pressed and formed by the pipe in the pipe bender. It can be completed at one time without the second anti-corrosion. There is a petroleum standard for the construction process of cold bend and an enterprise standard for West to east gas transmission. However, it is OK to use elbows and elbows in open areas. Considering only the cost, cold bending of elbows is OK. Elbows need to be simmered hot. Of course, the cost of elbows is high.
Sometimes elbows must be used in narrow sections, such as stonework pipe trench, because the radius of curvature of elbows is small, generally 6D, while that of elbows is 40d.
When using elbow or elbow on the construction site of the project construction site, we should not only consider the price and quality of elbow and elbow, but also consider where it is used, so as to choose elbow or elbow.

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