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Standard stainless steel pipe fitting cap manufacturer

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  Stainless Steel Caps are generally used at the end of pipelines.  Stainless Steel Caps are also known as  Stainless Steel Caps, plugs, caps and stuffy heads.  Stainless Steel Caps blanking size table.Stainless Steel Caps have butt-welded pipe caps, threaded pipe caps and socket-welded pipe caps.Stainless Steel Caps are welded at the pipe ends or installed on the external threads of the pipe ends to seal the pipelines. The function of Stainless Steel Caps is the same as that of pipe plugs. Welding can not be disassembled, threads can be disassembled, threaded pipe caps are generally low-pressure small diameter dn10-1000mm,  Stainless Steel Caps, easy to disassemble and repair, ASTM A312 TP316L 2 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Cap weight, high-pressure small caliber can be used socket welded Stainless Steel Caps, in the case of medium and high pressure large caliber can generally not use pipe caps, but can use the head, flange connection.

  Stainless Steel Caps is a kind of pipe fittings commonly used in piping, which are generally outside diameter size, such as 60, 108, 159, 273 and so on. Usually used at the end of the pipe sampling port, the wire can be connected to the pipe, after sampling, to screw on the cap, temporary continuous sampling or material extraction.

  Hebei Shengtian Group is a large-scale and advanced production enterprise in China. It mainly sells high-quality Stainless Steel Caps with a wide range of products and reasonable prices. Based on the principle of "three guarantees of quality and customer first", professional Stainless Steel Caps manufacturer has reasonable price, sufficient stock and timely delivery.

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