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What are the structural characteristics of stainless steel reducer?

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  Stainless Steel Reducers is expressed by multiplying the diameter of the big head by the diameter of the small head by the thickness.

  Stainless Steel Reducers standard: national standard, American standard, British standard and various non-standard high pressure stamping.

  The characteristics of  ASTM A403 Ss304 Stainless Steel Reducer are that the strength of  Stainless Steel Reducers is significantly higher than that of carbon steel with the same carbon content, and it has good toughness and plasticity, as well as good weldability and corrosion resistance.

  The shrinkage forming process of  Stainless Steel Reducers is to put the  Stainless Steel Reducers blank with the same diameter as the big end of the  Stainless Steel Reducers into the forming die, and make the metal move along the die cavity and shrink by pressing along the axial direction of the Stainless Steel Reducers. According to the size of diameter change of the pipe,  Stainless Steel Reducers can be divided into one pressing forming or multiple pressing forming.

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