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Reducing pipe cut point

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  Reducer at both ends of the reducer is different for connecting pipes or flanges of different diameters. Reducer with a different diameter of the water heater, regardless of how the spring and summer autumn and winter changes, even in the yin, rain, snow weather, but also because of its high efficiency and good first to reach the bath temperature characteristics. At the same time, the effect of energy-saving emission reduction is more significant, the use of different diameter close-up technology water heater machine thermal efficiency of up to 73%, both energy saving, coal saving, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.Stainless Steel Concentric Pipe Reducer Dimensions should not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the corresponding end, and the allowable deviation is ± 3mm. Reducer the two ends of the nozzle, the center of the circle in the same axis, when the diameter to calculate the pipe position, then the pipe position unchanged, generally used for gas or vertical liquid pipe diameter. Eccentric size head at both ends of the nozzle circumference within the cut, generally used for horizontal liquid piping.

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