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Operation measures and precautions of stainless steel elbow

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  1. Stainless steel elbows stored for a long time should be inspected as scheduled. Often, the exposed processing appearance should be kept clean, dirt should be removed, and stored neatly in places where indoor ventilation is dull. Stacking or open storage are prohibited. Often adhere to the dull and ventilated stainless steel elbow, adhere to the cleanliness and tidiness of the device, in accordance with the accurate storage method.

  2. When equipping, ANSI B16.9 Sch40 90 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow can be directly equipped on pipelines by connecting method and equipped according to the position used. Generally, the equipment can be in arbitrary position in the pipeline, but need to be easy to operate the inspection, pay attention to cut-off stainless steel elbow media flow should be under the longitudinal valve disc upward flow, stainless steel elbow can only be horizontal equipment. Stainless steel elbows should be carefully sealed in equipment to avoid leakage and affect the normal operation of pipelines.

  3. When using ball valves, globe valves and gate valves with stainless elbows, they should only be fully opened or closed. They are not allowed to regulate flow rate, so as to avoid erosion of sealing surface and accelerate wear and tear. There is an inverted sealing device in the gate valve and the upper threaded globe valve. When the handwheel is screwed tightly to the top position, the medium can be prevented from leaking from the packing.

  4. Handwheel is used for stainless steel elbow. Do not use lever or other tools to avoid damaging valve parts. The handwheel rotates clockwise to close and vice versa to open.

  5. Bolts of packing gland of stainless steel elbow valves should be tightened evenly, and should not be pressed askew, so as to avoid bumping, hindering stem movement or causing leakage.

  6. Stainless steel elbow in the process of operation, should always adhere to cleanliness, transmission threads must be smooth as scheduled, when found fault, should immediately stop using, find out the reasons to eradicate the fault.

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