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Technical requirements for stainless steel flange welding

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  Stainless steel flange, in order to improve corrosion resistance and weldability, appropriate addition of stability elements Ti, Nb, Mo, etc., weldability is better than chromium stainless steel flange. When using the same type of chromium stainless steel flange welding rods (G302, G307), more than 200 preheating and 800 tempering treatment after welding should be carried out. If the weldment can not be heat treated, stainless steel flanged pipe welding rod should be selected. The production of butt welding stainless steel flange adopts certain technical parameters and requirements to produce and use in production and manufacture, so as to ensure that Stainless steel flange can be used and popularized in accordance with certain methods and principles, ANSI B16.5 PN10 Threaded Stainless Steel Flange adopt certain technological methods and principles to produce and weld, and strictly guarantee the good quality in use.
  The grade of welded flange and its technical requirements should meet the corresponding requirements.

  1. Grade forgings are allowed for carbon steel and austenitic stainless steel forgings with nominal pressure PN of 0.25MP-1.0MPa.

  2. Except as follows, forgings with nominal pressure PN of 1.6 MPa-6.3 MPa shall meet the requirements of grade or above.


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