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There are many characteristics of pipe cap in use

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  The diameter and span of the cap are large. These Stainless Steel Socket Welding Fitting Cap is also widely used in our production and life. Small cap also has many functions. Next, I will introduce it.

  The small cap is installed on the small container. We can use them to seal to the limit. However, we need to know that when they are used, they are different from our tapered heads. They are very different when they are installed on the small head.

  When we install large and medium caps, we usually use cold installation, i.e. direct use of some curing installation methods, but it is not practical to use this installation technology on small caps, so we need another installation method.

  Thread installation method is a good choice for small pipe caps, but it is not very good for sealing, so we should adopt other installation methods. This method is not only easy to dismantle, but also can play a good sealing role, which is currently suitable for our needs.

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