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What are the factors affecting the price of stainless steel pipe caps?

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Stainless steel pipe cap refers to a pipe fitting product used to block stainless steel pipes. It belongs to one of the pipe fittings used as a container after the end of the pipe or by welding two heads on both ends of a section of circular pipe.
There are also blind plates, plugs and other similar products, and the main material is stainless steel, which is also called straight edge head, elliptical head, dished head, shallow head and so on.
The price of stainless steel pipe cap is mainly determined according to the demand and type.
1. Dimensions. The larger the specification is, the more materials are used, the higher the cost will be, and the selling price will naturally increase.
2. The amount of demand. The demand is large, its unit price is relatively low, and if the quantity is small, it is based on the market retail price, and there is unlikely to be a discount.
3. Style. Because of different pipes, accessories are naturally different. If there are models and styles in the market, the price is often lower because of the mold inventory, and some need to be customized.
Then the cost will increase due to factors such as mold opening and rush work, and its price will naturally increase.

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