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The elbow bending radius

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  Long radius elbow and short radius elbow

  Definition of long radius and short radius. Long radius elbow means the bending radius is 1.5d, there also have 3D elbows. The elbow bending radius that equal or above 3D is called bends. The short radius elbow means the bending radius is 1D.

  Then what is D mean. I think this question had made some client puzzled. In the international standard ASME/ANSI 16.9 the D means the nominal  pipe size. In ASME/ANSI B16.9 THE NPS IS used by inch. So the radius length should be according to inches. The size below 1 1/4 inch long radius elbow have the same radius length.

  For example, 10” 1.5D elbow, in the international standard the NPS is 10, the radius length is 10*1.5, that is 15 inches. If by mm it is 15*25.4, which is 381mm. Some clients said the D is the diameter. Actually it is a wrong understanding. Only when the size reach to 14 inches and above can they said the D is the diameter.

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