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Various Fields of Stainless Steel Reducers

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  1.Stainless Steel Reducers Application of Mine and Coal Industry

  (1) Mines: Stainless Steel Reducers is seriously worn by mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transportation. The service life of the previously used pulverized ore transportation Stainless Steel Reducers such as Panzhihua and Daye Mines is less than one year, and the service life of the Stainless Steel Reducers can be increased by about five times.

  (2) Coal: Coal preparation and long-distance pipeline coal transportation generally adopt wet transportation, requiring both wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipelines of ASTM B16.9 316L Stainless Steel Reducers, which can be used as long-life pipelines with considerable economic benefits.

  2.Stainless Steel Reducers Application in Metallurgical and Electric Power Industry

  Metallurgical and power industries need to consume a large number of Stainless Steel Reducers every year to transport coal, ash, slurry, limestone and gypsum slurry. Ceramic composite pipes are used to replace other pipes, which are characterized by high wear resistance, long service life, convenient installation and remarkable economic benefits.

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