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What are the standards of stainless steel tee

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Stainless steel tees are pipe fittings and pipe connectors. It is also called pipe fitting tee or tee fitting. Stainless steel equal diameter tee and tee joint are used at the branch pipe of the main pipeline.
Tee has three openings, namely one inlet and two outlets; Or a chemical pipe fitting with two inlets and one outlet, which has T-shape and Y-shape, equal diameter pipe orifice and reducing pipe orifice, and is used for the collection of three identical or different pipelines.
The expression method is as follows: for equal diameter tee, for example, "T3" (3 inches = DN80) tee means equal diameter tee with outer diameter of 3 inches.
For reducing tee, such as "T4" × four × 3.5 "(4 inches = DN100, 3.5 inches = dn90) refers to a reducing tee with a same diameter of four inches and a reducing diameter of 3.5 inches.
The material is generally 10# 20# A3 Q235A, 20g, 16Mn, ASTM a234, ASTM A105, ASTM A403, etc. the tee has an outer diameter range of 2.5 ″ - 60 ″ (2.5 inches = DN65, 60 inches = DN1500) and a wall thickness of 3-60mm. It is a welded tee from 26 ″ - 60 ″ (26 inches = dn650, 60 inches = DN1500). The wall thickness is 28-60mm.
The pressure grades are sch5s, sch10s, sch10, sch20, sch30, sch40s, STD, sch40, sch60, sch80s and XS; Sch80、Sch100、Sch120、Sch140、Sch160、XXS。

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