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The Making method of Stainless Steel Cross

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  Regarding the manufacturing method of Stainless Steel Cross, we take the national standard cross as the reverse, if making long radius cross, we must first select the specification and put forward the pipe material, and the enlarging rate is calculated through the oretical calculation, and the general enlarging rate is between 33%-35%.

  Then a series of finishing processes are carried out. After shot peening, the oxide scale of the inner and outer surfaces of the Stainless Steel Cross is removed, and the ends are processed to facilitate the implementation of welding. After the related inspection, steel word, spray paint, packaging and other processes, it can be out of the factory.

  The above description is the elbow production method with seamless steel pipe as raw material below 24 "below. The maximum Stainless Steel Cross is more than 24" after 600mm, and the largest Stainless Steel Cross is between 2.032 meters and ~2.80 meters.

  The Butt Welded Pipe Fittings Stainless Steel Cross is made of a horned core or mandrel, and the mandrel is thickened. The process of pushing is a bending process. The rear side is supported, and the pipe section is penetrated into the mandrel, and the rear side has a frame to fix the mandrel. There is an induction coil outside the mandrel. Heat the pipe and heat it well. Then the car pushes the tube down and it works well.

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