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Knowledge About Pipe Tee

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  Knowledge About Pipe Tee

  Some draughtsmen also specify the size difference T between the center lines. As a eccentric reducer in a vertical line is used, it may also be important, which side should be oriented to the north, south, east or west.

  Length of reducers

  The length of a Reducer is very short in relation to the diameter, so in some dimensions the transition from one to another diameter is very abruptly. For example, a reducer 6" x 2.1/2" has a length of 140 mm. On this short distance a pipeline will be reduced from 168.3 mm O.D. to 73 mm O.D. During the design phase of a new pipe system, a piping designer certainly must think about it.

  An alternative for a smoother flow would be to apply multiple reducers like:

  6" x 5" (L=140 mm)

  5" x 4" (L=127 mm)

  4" x 3.1/2" (L=102 mm)

  3.1/2" x 3" (L=102 mm)

  3" x 2.1/2" (L=102 mm)

  So, now the distance is approximately 573 mm if the 6" pipe is reduced to 2.1/2" inches, and and a smoother flow is guaranteed.

  In practice this example will probably never occur, I hope, no no, I'm sure, there are better designers like me.

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