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Characteristics of if bend pipe

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  1 if the frequency of the use of vertical and external characteristics of the power supply, DC, the use of positive polarity (welding wire electrode)

  2 if the elbow is generally suitable for the welding of 6mm sheet metal, has the characteristics of weld appearance, small welding deformation.

  3 the gas is argon and the purity is 99.99%. When the welding current is 50~50A, the argon flow rate is 8~0L/min, when the current is 50~250A, the argon flow rate is 2~5L/min.

  4 welding arc length, welding of ordinary steel, the 2~4mm is better, and the welding of stainless steel, to ~3mm for the best, too long, the protective effect is not good.

  5 if pipe to prevent welding holes appear, welding parts such as rust, oil, make sure clean.

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