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Method of reducing tee pass defective rate

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  The production of tee is made by cold drawing, that is, seamless production mode, but in the process of production, there will be defective rate. In the work of reducing the defective rate, our factory has the following experience.

  First, we should control the quality of tees from the source. When each model of equal diameter tees is produced, the force used by the machine is the same, because each model has a set of molds. However, if the quality of the pipes is different, we can't directly see their differences. So we squeeze them with one force, and some models may be broken in the end, But some models are not yet formed, so we can not control the reduction of defective rate.

  Second, mold must be checked in time. The damage of the mold is also an important reason for the damage of the tee. Of course, the investment of a mold can hardly be avoided.

  Third, the training of technical workers is also very important, so every time we come to the alloy material straight tee and non model tee, we will have special technical information and documents for them to consult.

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